Book: We’re all going to die

Stefan Hunt (2017)

This simple book is a lovely thing. Its textural material cover with white screen printing give it a retro crafty feel and its thick matte pages are reminiscent of Little Golden Books. We’re all going to die hits its mark as a ‘children’s book for adults.’ It started a a poem, penned by the author / illustrator in a time of crippling anxiety. Stefan Hunt took comfort in life’s only guarantee and wrote a short Dr Seuss-like story about the day that Death came knocking. The words are lighthearted and funny, and paired with quirky minimalistic illustrations that encourage the reader to live life to the fullest.

The book naturally became a short film (Hunt is a film maker) with a poignant message: Fear Less and Live More. You can watch it here. A subsequent Kickstarter campaign to fund an immersive arts festival was a huge success owing to the universal theme and Hunt’s irresistible mix of vulnerability, eloquence, and humour. The festival has now gone to the US and toured around Australia and the Caretailors crew were excited to recently attend one of the sold out nights in Melbourne. Much more about overcoming fears than about death, the participatory evening was true to the WAGTD mission, with thought provoking but lighthearted activities that supported the audience to consider embracing more uncertainty.  

The book might not change your life, but you’ll be glad to have it. And its purchase supports an artist with a passion to positively impact others. You can buy the book online, and do take a moment to browse through the videos and associated projects on the site.