Giving comfort: Candles

Our immediate environment can affect our mood and outlook. Being confined to a particular place – especially when it is not of our choosing, such as a hospital room – can be challenging for all who spend time there. It is important to bring comfort where possible.

Candles provide soft and warm light in a room, and are usually associated with times of happiness and relaxation. Not only soothing, the next generation of candles are ideally suited to small and shared spaces and are amazingly convenient to use. Flameless candles that have flickering LED ‘flames’ emit no smoke, no overpowering scent and pose no risk if forgotten. They can be activated or dimmed from bed with a remote control. You can find flameless candles that have natural wax shells, but if you have a preference for traditional candles with a burning wick, make sure they’ll be well received. A person’s sense of smell may be more sensitive due to illness or treatments and some institutions will have rules about candles.