Annie Bolitho, End of Life Companion

In supporting people as they navigate the end of life, Annie brings a calm and practical approach. She can help facilitating family discussions, planning for end of life, and organising the funeral. She is an excellent MC. 

Annie helps her clients create what they want as end of life experiences. Her long experience means she makes things easier through meeting information needs and speaking directly about things that will be needed.

As a facilitator Annie helps make difficult conversations easier. This way wishes are fulfilled and fitting arrangements made. She holds the space comfortably for both individuals, families and communities in sad and testing times.

In her role as an educator, Annie facilitates workshops on death, grief and loss for health and social work professionals, and convenes regular Death Cafes in Melbourne. Annie’s passion for making the time of death and bereavement easier led her to establish Kinship Ritual, offering bespoke funerals and end of life planning. 

Meeting Annie in person, I could see that her personality and demeanor are just as important as her credibility and knowledge to the roles she takes on. I felt instantly comfortable as she patiently and genuinely listened to my ramblings in response to her pertinent questions, and I was grateful for the nuggets of wisdom she offered as we chatted.

Annie publishes a blog and newsletter, and she’s recently distilled many of her insights into a book ‘Death, a Love Project: a guide to exploring the life in death and finding the way together.’ She hopes it will help people to think a little differently about death and guide them to meet it better prepared. The book’s publication is currently being crowdfunded via a ‘Death, a Love Project’ Pozible campaign so you can help to make it happen!