Podcast: Human/Ordinary

Sam Loy (2017 – present)

The Human/Ordinary podcast is inspired by the belief that all people are equal in our normalcy and that each of us have extraordinary stories to tell. Through the sharing of a wide variety of people’s stories, this independent Australian podcast beautifully explores what it means to be human. Of particular interest is the Headstone Series, exploring how we die and how we live with our mortality. Each of the storytellers are allowed to shine, with their fascinating experiences woven into a well structured and informative presentation, delivered with eloquence and genuine warmth. It’s sometimes hard going because of how amazing the stories are, but listening is highly rewarding!

Some new producers have recently joined the team and they are currently seeking public support via a crowdfunding campaign. Human/Ordinary is on Facebook and Twitter, and and the podcast is available via heaps of different services listed on the website.